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Bed Bugs

Bed Bugs have been making their presence well known over the years.  Creating more concerns for homeowners and landlords.

Bed bugs are oval in shape and brownish in color. They feed on human blood and are usually rampant at night. Their bite leads to redness of the skin, blisters and the symptoms of the bite may take days to appear.

Bed bugs enter into your home through clothing, luggage, and other materials or items. Their shape and size make it easier for them to fit into tiny spaces. They mostly live in beds where they have easy access to bite and go into hiding without being seen.

Bed bugs feed by piercing through the skin of the host and sucking the blood through an elongated beak. They feed for about three to ten minutes until they’re full. Their bite are not felt at first but later it turns into itchy welts.

Common Signs of Bed Bugs

  • Bloodstains on your clothing, pajamas, pillowcase or bed sheets
  • Bed bug eggshells
  • Bedbug fecal spots
  • The musty odor from bed bugs’ scent glands

If you suspect these signs, carefully search inside books, box springs, mattress case, etc.

With our countless years of experience in the eradication of these hitch hiking pests, Active Termite and Pest Control, Inc is available to provide whole home bed bug heat treatments, interior barrier applications as well as full tent fumigation.  

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