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Specialty Pest Services

Heat Treatment

For the control of bed bugs and drywood termites.

Active Termite and Pest Control, Inc offers it’s clients a whole home remedial treatment for the control of bed bugs and termites utilizing our propane heat machine.  Heat treatments involve high temperatures up to 140 degrees Fahrenheit.  Heat treatments offer 100% eradication of bed bugs and is recognized by the State as a Primary recommendation for the control of Drywood termites.  As an added benefit, this treatment does not require vacating the premises over night.  There is also less preparation involved in comparison to common residual spray applications and tent fumigation.  Once an inspection of your property is completed, Active will provide you with a complete estimate and run down of the necessary procedures.  We also provide complete preparation instructions prior to service and will guide you every step of the way to make sure our service produces the anticipated results.

Rodent Control

For the control of rats and mice, Active Termite and Pest Control, Inc offers extensive warranties for whole home rodent proofing.  Upon inspection, our Experts will locate all visible entry ways.  Our rodent control services may include the following:

  • Rodent proofing or sealing up all visible and accessible rodent entry ways

  • Strategic trap placement

  • Rodent trap baiting and removal of trapped rodents

  • Hepa vacuming of rodent droppings

  • Disinfection and sanitizing of rodent urine and matter

  • Attic care to include removal of soiled or all insulation

  • Replacement with new insulation (roll out or treated blown in insulation)

  • All insulation must meet Industry requirements

  • Removal of rodent pheromones

Bee Control

Active Termite and Pest Control, Inc understands the need for expeditious bee treatment or removal.  We have fast response times for Emergency bee calls.  There’s no telling whether or not you or your tenants have allergies to bee stings.  We take every precaution necessary to use the least invasive bee treatment applications.  We also specialize in whole hive removal as well as wall opening to remove the honeycomb.  Hive removal comes with extensive warranties.  Contact us for more information about our bee services.

Cockroach Fumigation

Light cockroach activity can be controlled with an interior residual spray application in conjunction with baiting treatments.  For homes, apartments, restaurants or commercial properties with excessive infestations of cockroaches, Active Termite and Pest Control, Inc offers an extensive approach which entails a four step process.  Recommendations and sanitation requirements will be provided in order to maintain control.  Complete preparation instructions will be provided and discussed prior to the services being rendered.  Based on our findings, there may be a need for recurring maintenance programs to provide control.


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