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The bed bug problem is growing in the Downey area, and specially in surrounding cities in California.

Bed bugs are very difficult to control for a variety of situations, which is why a professional bed bug exterminator that uses the correct treatment techniques, strategies, and products is required to completely eradicate them permanently from your home or office.

Bed Bug Control

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Oftentimes people invest hundreds of dollars trying to get rid of bed bugs with consumer bed bug removal products and DIY pest control remedies only to find out that they are still alive and multiplying faster then they thought possible.

A lot of people also make the mistake of bringing bed bugs back to their homes and businesses after they had an exterminator remove them.

With the proper understanding of a few basics about bed bugs, it will help you to never again deal with these annoying elusive insects ever again.

Signs And Symptoms of Bed Bugs

Here are ways you will know if you have bed bugs.

The very first sign of a bed bug infestation are bed bug bites, which people often mistaken for mosquito or spider bites, skin irritations or rashes.

These are other signs to watch out for if you have a beg bug epidemic:


  • An adult beg bug is approximately the size of an apple seed so is very easy to see with the plain eye.
  • Waste droppings from bed bugs are easy to spot on fabric because it will stain just like the tip of a marker would.
  • You will also see eggs and eggshells that are the color white and about 1 mm in size.
  • When bed bugs are crushed by the weight of a person they usually look reddish in color when seen on the bed sheets.

What Are Causes

One of the first questions that we often hear from our customers is “How did these bed bugs got into our house?”

Bed bugs are very covert insects, and can easily hitchhike into old boxes, luggage, clothing, furniture, and other items that are brought inside the residence.

Since bed bugs are very small and can multiply very rapidly, they can hide inside almost anything and they are difficult to detect until they grow in high numbers. By the time they are seen, it’s already too late to stop them.


Bed bug infestation treatments can be very problematic and a difficult process. People often believe that they can find an alternative solution on their own with consumer bed bug treatment products, but in reality the problem is much more complex than anticipated.

Even in the rare occasions that a treatment appears to work, bed bugs always come back by repopulating the area within a week.

Bed bug infestations require treatments from an experienced local bed bug exterminator.

At Active Termite and Pest Control Inc we have a proven breakthrough bed bug eliminating strategy that uses the most advanced treatment and process in Downey California and surrounding cities.


Having basic understanding of how these insects behave is the best way to prevent a bed bug infestation in your residence or commercial property.

Here are recommendations that will help you to reduce the risk of a bed bug infestation:

  • Make sure to check used beds, furniture, couches, and any other items before bringing them inside your house or office.
  • Wash any second-hand clothing or bed sheets that someone gives you as a gift or that you buy at a used clothing store.
  • Buy a protective cover that completely encases your mattress to avoid bed bugs from making it their next home.
  • It’s important to keep your bedroom and home  clutter-free to keep bed bugs from finding hiding spots.

Precautions When Traveling

  • Before sleeping in a hotel or motel, or staying with a friend, always make it a habit of checking the mattress and headboard before opening your luggage and sleeping inside the room.
  • Just in case, when you return back home do not unpack in your bedroom or living room, go straight to the washing machine and wash all your clothes. Put your luggage inside the garage and check it very carefully. Or for an extra measure of security, place your luggage inside a trash bag for a few weeks to kill any bed bugs that may be hiding.

A lot of people believe that if they got bedbugs that their home was not maintained clean enough. Having a clean environment has nothing to do with having a bedbug infestation.

Bed bugs are not just attracted to dirty or messy homes, they are attracted to warm blooded humans.

Most of the time bed bugs hide inside crevices and cracks during the daytime, and only come out to feed on blood at night when the host is sleeping.

Unfortunately, bedbugs are very smart, if the person only sleeps during the day bed bugs will adjust their feeding habits to feed during the day.

Not only that, but if the person moves to a different room, bedbugs will follow them to the new bedroom!

Bedbug Facts

  • A bed bug takes 5 to 10 minutes to feed
  • They can spread very quickly including hiding inside library books.
  • They can live for a few months without feeding
  • They are attracted to the Carbon Dioxide that we breath out, which makes it very easy to locate where we are!
  • They have great eye sight, specially in the darkness.

There is a lot of scientific evidence that a bed bug infestation can cause anemia, insomnia, stress, parasites, infections, allergic reactions, and other health concerns.

If you’re living with a bed bug problem, Active Termite and Pest Control Inc has over 20 years experience in bed bug control here in Downey CA.

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