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Active Termite and Pest Control Inc provides incredible pest control service in the Downey area.

We have worked very hard through the years by providing unparalleled pest extermination and services in the local community. We have highly qualified technicians who are very successful at getting rid of any pests that invades either your home or commercial property.

We also provide pest-proofing and preventive treatments that are efficient in stopping the invasion of pests.

If you have a pest problem or infestation, you can reach us any time for a free inspection and estimate at 1-877-577-3787.


Can I Hire Just Any Pest Control Company?


Pest by their nature, apart from always constituting nuisances, they could be challenging to control. As a result, many pest control companies usually use harsh chemicals to eradicate them.

These chemicals could be potentially hazardous for your health and those of your pets, and this can eventually lead to severe health conditions upon continued exposure.

If you live in Downey California, Active Termite And Pest Control Inc, we are greatly experienced of any known pest that is ravaging your property, and they will provide a solution without causing any harm to you and your loved ones.

Our Certified Technicians Provide Unmatched Professional Service

Contrary to the common and general practice of just spraying chemicals around a property and leaving, our highly qualified technicians do far more than that. They provide total solutions, making them second to none throughout Downey CA. Our amazing qualified team can deal seamlessly with any pest.

Once you observe the signs of pests on your property, give us a call at Active Termite And Pest Control Inc right away. With that, we can quickly eliminate any infestation without giving a chance for spreading.

At Active Termite And Pest Control Inc, our technicians are exceptionally skillful, and they know how to handle highly troublesome pests such as mice, rats, and ants. 

Do Traditional Pest Elimination Methods Work?

These pests are capable of causing a lot of trouble and worry for the inhabitants of any property. Traditional methods of applying pesticides are not capable of exterminating these pests quickly.

Such methods demand multiple visits before being effective. At Active Termite And Pest Control Inc, however, we are capable of getting rid of these pests swiftly and once and for all.

It is common knowledge that bedbugs and termites also pose a lot of problems in California. Unfortunately, bedbugs are developing resistance to products used on them, and sharing of furniture, which is unavoidable, aids in spreading bedbugs.

As our name suggests, we can effectively eliminate termites and bedbugs without leaving any traces, and we can do it a lot faster and efficiently.

We have highly professional personnel at Active Termite And Pest Control Inc who are always available to attend to your calls, and they give appropriate answers to all your questions.

Also, we schedule our appointments adequately so as to ensure that the work on your property is not rushed. Necessary procedures are put in place to make sure a thorough job that brings satisfaction is done.

All the jobs we execute are guaranteed. Feel free to call our Downey office for a quote at no cost, our toll free number is 877-577-3787.

Eco-Friendly And Efficient Pest Control

At Active Termite And Pest Control Inc, we are highly ethical and very resposible, that is why the products we use are made from the safest of ingredients. Plus, the procedures we use are of excellent safety profile.

More so, our highly professional pest control technicians ensure that we don’t put individuals and pets in any danger whatsoever.

As a morally inclined establishment, we are very conscious of the environment. All our approaches to pest control are eco-friendly. Also, the products we use don’t give an offensive odor. This, however, does not make them ineffective than the ones used by our competitors.

Our green pest control products, apart from being capable of eliminating pests,  are also capable of keeping pests at bay, preventing them from coming back to infest your property.

We Are Unstoppable, No Pest Can Defeat Us

Downey carries a wide range of crawling and flying pests in the city. It is not uncommon to find pests like scorpions, flies, cockroaches, spiders, bees, hornets, and wasps. These pests are capable of breeding rapidly once they find their way into your property.

As such, a supposed small infestation can lead to big problems in a no such distant future without professional intervention.

Our team of technicians is highly skillful and knowledgeable, making them capable of tackling any pest infestation not matter of the size or the nature of the pests involved.

The right products we use are capable of helping in seamlessly ridding your home, yard, or garden of pests. We, as a matter of fact, ensure a unique approach to all the work we do.

We analyze each situation accordingly, and we design the best solution giving the quality results that surpasses your expectations.

We Provide Complete Solution

For us at Active Termite And Pest Control Inc, we are not satisfied until pests are entirely wiped out from your property. We give expert advice on how to prevent pests from coming back to your property.

If need be, we provide further inspection and give more product applications to ensure that no part is left behind.

Serving The Downey CA Community Is Our Utmost Pride

At Active Termite And Pest Control Inc, in addition to using eco-friendly and highly effective pest control techniques, our services are incredibly affordable. For your comments, questions, and concerns, our highly professional and courteous staff members are ever ready to solve any problems you may have. Our services will never fall short of the standard.

What Active Termite And Pest Control Inc Offers:

1) Guaranteed prompt and professional services.
2) Use of effective and responsible products
3) Free inspection of termites
4) Free quotation via the phone
5) Licensed, certified, and insured personnel
6) Prompt same day service.

For professional pest control service in Downey California, contact us by calling our 24/7 toll-free number: 877-577-3787

Get rid of pests that are giving you unnecessary headaches. Our service is effective and safe. The products we use perfectly rid your area of pests without causing any harm to the environment.

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