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Over the years and for some time now, we at Active Termite & Pest Control Inc have strived with great effort to create a vivid identity as one of the most reputable pest control companies in the Norwalk California area.

If you have a pest infestation such as bed bugs, ants, termites, or any other issue, please give us a call any time at 877-577-3787.

Our efficiency, affordability and eco-friendly mode of operations are the characteristics that define our company.

Whenever you find out that there are pests in your home, garden or place of work, we are the right ones to call.

Our team of professional technicians are capable and always ready to get rid of them for you. We also have proactive preventative measures that can be put in place for you that will effectively keep your home or place of work pest-free.

Getting rid of pests most times tends to be as difficult as it is strenuous, this has prompted many pest control businesses to resort to making use of harsh chemicals that could damage the health of your pets, and in extreme cases, yours as well.

Active Termite And Pest Control Inc coverage are includes the city of Norwalk CA. Regardless of whatever kind of pest problem you have, you are in the right hands when it comes to pest control.

Competent, Experienced and Expert Pest Control Personnel

At Active Termite And Pest Control Inc, we understand that the business of pest control entails more than spraying chemicals (that is why you wouldn’t do it on your own in the first place).

Hence, we have carefully put up a team of certified and highly experienced exterminators who are highly skilled in the business of pest control, to ensure you get the best quality services in the entire Norwalk California every time you call us.

Our technicians at Active Termite And Pest Control Inc have a vast knowledge of how to deal with difficult pests such as rats, bed bugs, mice, scorpions, ants and so on.

These pests are not uncommon in homes, and they are usually quite a cause for worry. Exterminating them requires special efforts that go beyond the traditional pesticide control method. Active Termite And Pest Control Inc has the right skillset and personnel to save your home or place of business from these pests.

Why is the Pest Epidemic Getting Worst in Norwalk CA?

In California, bedbugs and termites are increasingly becoming a problem, and the difficult thing about these troublesome pests, especially bed bugs, is that they are becoming increasingly resistance against pesticide products used on them, and they multiply so rapidly that they could take over a whole building in very little time if proper action is not taken.

This is another reason you should make Active Termite And Pest Control Inc your choice and call us quickly so we can nip these stubborn pests in the bud.

For a free quote please give us a call at 877-577-3787.

Our technicians are always ready to answer your call and respond to your inquiries. Our mode of operation involves designing and implementing an effective plan to totally rid your place of pests.


Safe and Efficient Approach to Pest Control

Our approach to pest control at Active Termite And Pest Control Inc takes in consideration the environment. We understand the importance of keeping the environment safe, so we go about our pest eradication strategies without affecting the environment.

We make use of products that don’t harm the environment. We particularly ensure that these products have a ingredients that guarantees the safety of pets and individuals. Understanding the importance of a healthy environment, we have put in place an eco-friendly mode of operation for our technicians.

The pest control products we use don’t have harsh odors, hence they are friendly to the environment. However, this does not imply that they are any less effective than other products in the market, it only means they are better. They are very potent in eliminating pest and preventing them from coming back.

We are the Right Exterminators for All Kinds of Pests

In Norwalk California, there are lots of different pests: the ones that crawl, the ones that fly, and so on. Biting insects like scorpions, bees, spiders, hornets and others like cockroaches and wasps dominate this environment.

These pests can multiply so quickly they will take over your house if you don’t bring in experts to professionally get rid of them.

We at Active Termite And Pest Control Inc understand that different pests demand different methods and that there is no universal control plan for all kinds of pests.

Our experts are well-skilled and have the technical know-how of how to deal with different pests. Regardless of the size or the nature of the pest, we will exterminate pests from your house, garden, farm, or wherever they are with the appropriate product and expert skills.

We will design a plan that fits the particular kind of pest and the particular kind of environment to effectively deal with the situation and give you the right outcome.

We Only Stop When the Pests Are Gone

Knowing fully well that pest control has to be thorough in order to be effective, and understanding that pests would come back if they are not totally wiped out, our mode of operation is to not stop until the pests are eliminated completely.

We make sure to inspect carefully to be sure they have been completely eliminated. We will also give you expert tips and guidance on how to prevent future infestation on your home.

We Are Passionate About Serving Our Norwalk Community

Active Termite And Pest Control Inc is a company that prioritizes the community. We are a domestic local company that is passionate about providing the entire populace of Norwalk CA with efficient pest control services that are eco-friendly.

We are always proud and ready to get rid of pests from your home, making sure everyone feels at home, and specially in a peaceful pest-free home. Our services are affordable, and we give the best value for your money.

Also, our staffs are always ready and willing to entertain and address questions, inquiries and observations our clients.

Feel free to talk to us about your pest problems, we are available 24 hours a day 7 days a week.


Contact Active Termite And Pest Control Inc for effective pest control today by calling us toll free at 877-577-3787.

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