Rodent, Rats, Mouse Control in Downey California

There has been a recent increase in rodents in California, specially in the Downey area.

In any way you look at it, rats, mice and rodents in general take first place as the most destructive and harmful pests in California.

They are ideally designed to coexist with people in our homes and businesses.

In most California cities like Downey, Long Beach, and Norwalk, infestations are frequent as a result of ideal indoor and outdoor living habitat and many food sources like garbage, birdseeds, fruits and vegetables.

The most serious problems with rodents are the harmful life-threatening diseases that they can transmit to humans such as leptospirosis and murine typhus. This does not include the costly damage to structures that they can cause.

Rodents tend to also chew throu electrical wires which may be responsible for a significant number of house fires in Orange County and other California cities.

Hiring a Reliable Rodent Exterminator

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Active Termite and Pest Control Inc in Downey CA, wants to alert you to one type of rodent endemic to our area called Deer Mice.

The Deer Mice Epidemic

In the early 90’s, the Deer Mouse was implicated as a possible suspect of a type of hantavirus responsible for a respiratory distress syndrome that lead to several deaths in the Los Angeles area (including Long Beach and other cities).

The common symptoms of HPS (hantavirus pulmonary syndrome) are deep muscle aches, fever, skin irritations, dizzyness, and shortness of breath.

Infected rodents with Hantaviruses are transmitted to human contact thru their waste droppings, urine and saliva.

A person can easily be infected with hantavirus from a single bite, but you can also get infected with the disease from breathing in small particles of rodent waste droppings through a process called aerosolization.

This is why you will always see a rodent exterminator covered from head to toe with protective gear such as gloves, goggles, and a breathing mask.

If you experience any of these symptoms, be sure to contact a doctor in Downey CA and let them know of your possible rodent exposure.

Rodent Control & Removal

Another consistant problem that is caused by rats, mice and other rodents in Downey CA is their stealth tendency to enter homes, businesses and other structures that are not properly pest-proofed.

Once they find a suitable location to live, they will begin building their nest, store food, and will cause extensive damage to furniture, electrical wiring, clothing, and everything inside the property.

Reasons To Be Worried

Aside from being very destructive creatures, they pose an immediate treat to your family’s health, including your own.

All it takes to get a disease is eating contaminated food or drinking something that the rodent was in contact with, or you might get infected if you get bitten by a tick, mite, or flea that recently feed on infected rodents.

Let Active Termite and Pest Control Inc take care of this concern for you.

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Signs of rodent Infestations

Here are some signs that will help you determine the best and safest strategies to use in alleviating your immediate rodent problem.

  • Rodent waste droppings near food packages, countertops, drawers, and under the sink.
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  • Chewed food boxes and items around your home
  • Holes on walls and structures, chewed wires, rotten smells coming from vents, attic, or basement.
  • Watch out for water lines bitten through and leaking in the plumbing.

Due to the known high risks, let the experienced professionals at Active Termite and Pest Control Inc take care of your rodent problem for you!

Become part of the 1000’s of happy customers that are living rodent free in Downey California and surrounding cities!

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Types of Rats in Downey CA

There are two species of nonnative rats that are the primary pests in California.

The Norway rat:

It also goes by other names such as sewer rat, common rat, brown rat and the roof rat, also is known as black rat or house rat.

The Norway rat is the biggest of the two, it’s actually double the size of roof rats with the tail being a lot shorter than the length of the body.

Norway rats are thicker and have small ears.

They are the most problematic of the species in California and in high populated areas.

The roof rat:

Roof rats tend to be smaller and thinner. The tail is longer than their bodies and have proportionately larger ears than Norway rats.

They prefer living indoors in attics and inside of structures, also live outdoors in trees and on gardens.

Types of Mice in Downey CA

Kangaroo Mouse

This species of mouse is a bipedal rodent which is about three inches in body length. Kangaroo mouse lives in desert-like environments and drinks very little water, it eats insects, plants, and seed.

They tend not to cause damage to structures and properties, but they do carry harmful diseases that could potentially get you or your family sick.

The Pocket Mouse

This type of mouse carry their food on their pouches located on their cheeks. These species are actually good for the ecosystem as they burry seeds on the ground and native plants begin to grow.

These type of mice proves that not all rodents are bad or harmful to our environment.

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