Termite Infestation in California

Termites are no one’s friend when you think about it; they are popularly called silent destroyers because what they’re known for is destruction, especially of plants and wood.

Their major food source is what makes them a threat to us both in California and the world over. Anywhere there is wood or decaying plant, there is a threat of termite infestation as well as the damage it leaves in its wake.

There are way over 2000 species of termite world over with colonies of each species, however in the United States there are about 40 species or more, and in California, there are over 20 species.

If we have so many of these pests around it becomes important to know about them as well as the different types that might be lurking in and around your home or commercial property.

Different types of termites in California

Homes all over California are infested with one or all of these types of termites so it is important to understand their characteristics and the kind of damages they are capable of performing in order to fight against them.

There are three major kinds of termites prevalent in California

1) Subterranean Termites

This type of termite is specially common on Long Beach, Downey, Norwalk, and all over California and can be found among dead woods, fallen trees or lumbers that are in contact with the soil. The most common and threatening species of subterranean termites is the Reticulitermes which can be found in virtually every region from coastal areas to mountain terrains even to desert areas.

2) Dry Wood Termites

With only one exception, all Dry wood termites are found where there is dry wood- this includes furniture like desks, chairs, shelves, utility poles, and even doors.

From already infested wood, they move to other nearby wooden structures and continue their destruction. These termites eat into the wood and leave holes or galleries in their wake, both destroying the surface of the wood and leaving signs of their presence. Dry wood termites are most common in Southern California and could also be found in the Coastal Valley.

3) Damp Wood Termites

These kinds of termites are usually found in moist, humid areas on the coast. They infest wet decayed wood, they create openings in the wood from where they enter, live in them and feed on them. These termites are common throughout California but due to their nature, they are found more in damp areas where they have lots of moisture to thrive.


It is important to look out for cracks, open spaces and contact areas between your wooden furniture and soil that would help termites find a way in.

Once you notice any of these termites or a sign of their presence, you need to get your residence examined by an experienced termite specialist who would take a look at the structure of your property and then get the necessary tools and effective strategies with which to eradicate termites from your home or commercial property.

If you’re seeing termites, droppings, holes, damaged wood, Active Termite and Pest Control, Inc offers extensive knowledge when it comes to Termite control.

Call us at 1-877-577-3787 for additional details and to get started with a free inspection and estimate.

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